Last night was AWESOME!!

I have heard comments from our staff that the party last night was one of their favorite staff parties to date, I owe it to you guys!

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you guys did and will definitely keep you in mind for our future parties!
— Megan Canty, Benefits Coordinator, Killington Resort | Pico Mountain

I am long overdue in thanking you for the amazing job you did last Thursday evening. The energy you brought to that room was spot on. My primary goal in running this event was to keep it moving and pay attention to the flow. You were a key to my success in doing just that. I also appreciated the perfect balance you struck between promoting our Giving Board, but not being pushy. I think everyone felt like they were a part of it and got excited by its results, but no one felt pressure to give beyond what they were capable and comfortable with. Again, thank you.
— Rhonda Forcier, Events Coordinator, Spectrum Youth & Family Services

Thank you for your team building excercise you did for our company last month...great combination of fun, creating great interaction with all our associates allowing them to be relaxed, interacting on a human level with each department... creating an enviroment which creates fun and efficiency - our team always looks forward to it and the positive effects last the whole year
— Ernie Pomerleau, Pomerleau Real Estate

What a fantastic Opening Ceremonies!! No one rocks the crowd like you, Tim!
— Lisa DeNatale, President & CEO, Special Olympics Vermont

The event was super and we can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance. The feedback was incredibly positive from everyone, including the President’s cabinet. People thought the day flowed well and the day went by very quickly!!

Bill thank you for all the night before late night changes, it was greatly appreciated!

Tim thank you for rolling with all the changes during the day…. additions/deletions you are super at pulling off anything on the fly!
— The 2013 All Campus Retreat Committee, Champlain College, Karen, Jen, Mary, Katrina and Melissa

The team loved the games...great fun and helpful business building as well.
— Ernie Pomerleau, Pomerleau Real Estate

[Tim], Jamie and Bill are a GREAT group and we always have so many laughs with [them] there!

We look forward to next year and a new game!!! [GameShowsVT is] definitely our group of choice!!!
— Carrie Baker, Pomerleau Real Estate

What a pleasure it was working with Tim during Champlain College’s campus retreat. He was extraordinarily funny, entertaining and informative. He has a unique talent that keeps audiences thoroughly engaged. His efforts and skill as a performer made this retreat a huge success. We look forward to working with him again.
— Julia Caminiti, Director of Marketing Communications, Champlain College

Dear Tim,

Thank you for reprising your role as Master of Ceremonies for the Annual Champlain College Elevator Pitch Competition.

You continue to amaze me with the ease at which you step into a role like this. You have a special gift for making our student contestants feel at ease while subsequently engaging in light-hearted banter with our panel of “celebrity” judges and scorekeepers.
— Pat Boera, Provider, Champlain College Elevator Pitch Competition

Jamie was tremendous as our event’s auctioneer. It’s clear that he put in a lot of work to get the crowd eager to donate and I really do appreciate all he has done the last two years to make our event more successful. The feedback I’ve been getting has been that the event was exponentially more fun this year, and that Jamie in particular, was a big hit!
— Peter Jacobson, Executive Director, VT Cares

Tim was funny and original as our Emcee during our event- people are still stopping me telling me how great he was! He certainly has a quick wit that had the crowd completely engaged.
— Holly Rothrock, Co-Organizer of D.C. LAW, Washington DC

Tim Kavanagh emceed our annual meeting in November of 2011. What usually is a some what sedate affair turned into an evening of belly laughing fun. Tim’s energy is electric and contagious. He has the ability to make the most reserved observer stand up and participate in ways they never dreamed of, get grown men and women to enthusiastically compete in a hula dancing contest for a seventy-five dollar teddy bear and heckle the crowd without offending. The overall enjoyment factor far surpassed what was expected.
— Beth O’Keefe, Vermont Farm Bureau

I have been associated with Pomerleau Real Estate for many years. In my current role as coordinator of marketing and development, I sometimes bring to my supervisors attention what high marks our company routinely scores according to certain indicators and various surveys concerning a happy, open, even spiritual workplace.

For the last eight years, we have held a company-wide retreat at the Lake Mansfield Trout Club in Stowe. This delightful overnight outing is mostly about camaraderie, good food and fun in a beautiful setting. But we also spend a morning with a facilitator who, in one way or another, provides us with lessons on team-building. Over the years, through physical games and mental exercises, we have gained insights into our group dynamics and personal styles while also discovering our blind spots and brilliance.

Learning about ourselves was an especially good time this year. Samson Productions literally set the stage for us to go buzzer-to-buzzer in a fierce Family Feud-style battle called Survey Says. (In the preceding weeks, our own organizers had gathered information that later became survey answers.) Questions were posed by Tim Kavanagh, game show host extraordinaire, and the backdrop and podiums were alive with sounds and colors and flashing lights. As we raced to ring in, the board gradually revealed what we feel and know about each other. It showed us how very well we get along and what a good time we have working together.

In the end, though, it was a follow-up to the contest that had the most impact on me. There was one question to which we had all supplied a response, but the answers were so varied that no three or four rose to the top. As a result, it wasnt made part of the game. So, the answers were simply read.

In answer to Name a phrase or characteristic that would best describe the Pomerleau team, here is a sampling of what we had to say: One big happy family, dynamic, loyal, salt of the earth, friendly, happiness, wild and crazy, sociable, hard-working, good humor, live free or die trying, optimistic, resilient, we git er done, love thy neighbor, go getters, good attitude, all for one and one for all, kind, conscientious, united we stand.

Happy, open, even spiritual indeed.
— Tracey Schoonmaker is coordinator of marketing and development for Pomerleau Real Estate in Burlington

Tim, Thank you and your staff! Comments are just a blazing that this was the best company outing ever! That is due to you, your wonderful energy, organization and skill.
— Carrie, Pomerleau Real Estate

You and the ‘Magic Board’ were the hit of our event. We have received so many comments from our team on how great Survey Says! was. We couldn’t be more pleased having you and your team be a part of our day.
— David, President TD Bank, Massachusetts

Jamie brought a new level of energy and excitement to our event. It was our best auction yet.
— Mike Reilly, Champlain Community Services

Students have looked forward to Jamie’s high energy game shows. They are always very authentic crowd pleasers...he doesn’t disappoint!
— Emily Ginter, Champlain College

Tim Kavanagh has given the Cancer Patient Support Program his enthusiasm, dedication and exceptional talent not only as our live auctioneer but as our friend and ardent supporter. Ready and willing to do whatever we ask, Tim takes on our requests and delivers with professionalism and exceeds all expectations leaving the volunteers and attendees in awe of his ability!
— Manon O'Connor

Tim is a joy to work with! Professional, dependable, and he’s a fun member of the team. We will continue to use him for future events for sure.
— Monica Taylor Community Outreach & Events Coordinator Spectrum Youth & Family Services