Tim Kavanagh

Tim Kavanagh

Owner of SAMSON Productions, an entertainment company that has produced numerous variety shows and comedy improv murder mysteries as well as award winning television, film, and stage productions, Tim has been in the entertainment industry for years. Tim is currently working on numerous film projects including "Love Thief" with Luis Guzman. Tim can be seen each week on the local FOX affiliate where he reports on entertainment news and movies.

Jamie Polli

Jamie has lived and worked in Burlington since 1992 and performs locally as emcee, auctioneer, and game show host. His company, GameshowsVT.com, offers all types of interactive, team-building game shows for company seminars, school functions, holiday parties, and more. When not workin' it in his red sequined tuxedo jacket, Jamie enjoys spending time with his wife Elise and daughters Celia and Shayla.

Bill Moller (Behind the Scenes)

Cowboy Bill operates all things technical, including sound effects and music and also custom writes all of our computer programming for all of our shows that utilize computer graphics. Survey Says! does not use computer graphics therefore it is often his fingertips that you may see flipping over answer cards behind our signature eight foot "magic board." Bill works in South Burlington and lives in Hinesburg with his wife Catherine and young son Liam.